Cruise Hacks

First of all, have fun. You’re on vacation. Don’t beat yourself up if you derail from your normal healthy eating, and human size portions. Just get back to reality when you get home. I just got back from Alaska…what a beautiful part of the world! This was my 6th or 7th cruise (I’ve lost count) and I’ve learned a few hacks along the way I’d like to share:

  • Large trash bags for your dirty clothes
  • Small spray bottle for wrinkled clothes
  • Travel size air freshener for your bathroom (lots of eating and drinking and those rooms are tiny!)
  • Completely unpack your suitcases and store them under your bed. The rooms are small enough as it is without that added clutter.
  • Pack a backpack for all land excursions or pool days. A backpack is also handy as a “personal item” when flying
  • Many buffets have pre-made sandwiches or snacks that can be saved in your room fridge to pack for land excursions

Again, those are my hacks. I also recommend checking the cruise line website for detailed information on what to pack or expect for that specific cruise.

Anyone have any cruise hacks they’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!

4 Responses to Cruise Hacks
  1. Brian Reply

    Also, Invest in a selfie-stick!!!

  2. Ann Reply

    Hang a plastic hanging shoe rack behind the bathroom door to store all your toiletries. Bathrooms are so small that it makes it less cluttered.

    • Crystal Paqua Reply

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing Ann

  3. csgo Reply

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