Is Cancer a Carnivore?

pexels-photoNot only does a whole-food-plant-diet lower cholesterol, blood pressure and your overall chances of developing many chronic diseases, it can also arrest and reverse most cancers.  In the book The China Study, Dr Colin Campbell presents irrefutable research correlating consumption of animal protein with cancer growth.  Basically: animal protein (including human) feeds cancer cells.  I’ll explain later about the human protein part.

Dr John Kelly (a general practitioner from Ireland) decided to investigate Dr Campbell’s findings. Over more than a decade, Dr Kelly suggested any patient that came into his office with a cancer diagnosis switch to an animal-protein-free diet.  The results were amazing.  Almost every patient that adhered to the diet found that their cancer growth either stopped, or began to disappear completely.  Every patient felt substantially better overall within weeks.  Dr Kelly’s book Stop Feeding Your Cancer documents his journey with his patients.

Above, I said ‘almost every patient’ because there was an exception to the rule….pancreatic cancer.  Dr Kelly had four patients come his way with this terrible disease, and all four died quickly, and tragically.  Dr Kelly relentlessly searched for the answer, for the piece of the puzzle that was missing.  What made pancreatic cancer different from all the others?  As I also mentioned above, human protein (also an animal protein, yes, humans are animals) if metabolized can be fuel for cancer.  In a nutshell: trypsin, the enzyme stored in the pancreas, can metabolize and corrupt cells within the pancreas itself, which creates food for cancer cells. Basically, the pancreas begins to eat itself. Pancreatitis is the non-cancer version of this self-digestion, often associated with chronic alcohol abuse.

This discovery blew my mind.  I’m still spinning after reading about this two nights ago.  I read The China Study six years ago, which is what caused me to adopt an animal-protein-free diet at that very moment.  The research cannot be argued.  But the piece of the puzzle that was always missing for me was why did this ‘cure for cancer’ only work most of the time?  Granted, healing/curing cancer MOST of the time is still a profound statistic, but I wanted to know what made a few cases ‘incurable’.  Two specific cases that always stuck out for me where Michael Landon and Steve Jobs (both tried alternative treatments that were animal-protein-free).  When I researched what type of cancer each of them had, and both were pancreatic, my mind was officially blown and I realized I had found the piece of that puzzle.  And I can’t keep this to myself.  I feel I owe the world this information whether they’re ready for it or not.

Here’s something I also want to add.  Stomach cancer may also be a tough case, or ‘incurable’.  Cancer of the stomach provides a similar scenario as the pancreas because of the enzyme pepsin.  Pepsin also metabolizes protein, and might cause a similar scenario. If some of these cells were to become cancerous, the pepsin might prompt a similar state of auto-digestion that would feed the cancer cells.

As I always say, prevention is the best cure.

What’s the best way to prevent cancer you ask?  By creating an environment inhospitable to cancer cells and keeping the body free of toxins that can cause DNA damage.  Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline body, and plants have what the body needs to create the environment.  Plants also help detoxify the body and keep the immune system strong.  I could go on and on about this for a week, but I’ll leave that for another post.

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.” – Heather Morgan

Want more information?  Click on the links below to learn more, or go a step further and read the books for yourself.  You won’t regret it.

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